Gun Course Changes A Reporter’s Opinions

Edith Brady–Lunny  a reporter for reports on her experience as “the quintessential anti-gun nut”  who decided to take a shooting course.

When I started working on a story about the controversial issue of concealed carry of weapons in Illinois, I was forced to face my own bias. I have never lived in a home with guns and considered myself the quintessential anti-gun nut.

To help me better understand gun ownership and the reasons people support the idea of carrying a concealed gun outside of their homes, I signed up for a two-day class at Darnall’s Gun Works and Range west of Bloomington.

She goes on to relate her experiences at the range and the excellent instruction she got there.  She finishes her article with

I’m not yet convinced that everyone needs to own a gun, but I am certain that training is essential for those who decide to accept that responsibility. Fewer tragic stories should always be the goal.

My 2 Cents: Three cheers for Edith!!    Unlike many of your peers you were willing to step outside your comfort zone in an effort to accurately report on an important issue.  I wish to say thank you  for a well written,  and objective report. While I doubt you’re going to rush out to buy a Glock anytime soon, I hope that you will continue exploring responsible firearm ownership/usage.

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