Want A Handgun In D.C.? Good Luck.

Emily Miller, the senior editor for the Washington Times, writes about her struggle to lawfully acquire a handgun in Washington D.C.  From an exorbitant amount of paperwork, being required to buy her gun and take private lessons out-of-state, to practically jumping through flaming hoops, Emily describes her three-month (and counting) quest to protect herself.



I quickly learned that the instructors were not allowed to teach the course in the District. How can it be constitutional for D.C. residents to be forced to go outside city limits to exercise their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms?

I would have to drive 30 minutes to an hour each way to take the class, as none was near a Metro stop. I don’t know what a D.C. resident without a car would do. The cost ranged from $130 to $250.

All the instructors teach out of their own homes or, more specifically, as one said, “in my basement.” The police do a criminal-background check on each of them, but I still didn’t feel safe going alone to an armed stranger’s basement.

It seemed to me the D.C. politicians who came up with this requirement never considered the impact this would have on a woman trying to register a gun. Forcing us to go to a strange man’s house in another state to take a gun-safety class is not something the police should do.

And as if a trek across state lines isn’t excessive enough…

Training certificate in hand, my preliminary tasks are completed. Now I must decide which handgun to buy. I’ve narrowed it down to four full-sized 9 mm semiautomatics that I’ve been able to handle well and shoot accurately. Once I complete this purchase, I will have 13 more steps to go before the city will allow me to protect myself.


My Two Cents:  I personally don’t understand how making it nearly impossible for a citizen to  register a handgun is helping “keep guns out of our Capitol.”  Criminals who are willing to break into someone’s home or harm another person are certainly willing to illegally bring guns in.  When regulations for gun ownership are taken too far (don’t get me wrong, some gun control is necessary) what you end up with is a law-abiding civilian population who is defenseless against crime.  The local degenerates run rampant because they know that there is little risk to themselves.  Additionally, I feel D.C.’s overregulation is a direct violation of the constitution.  By putting up this amount of rigmarole for civilians to go through, they have essentially barred people from legally owning handguns.  Apart from too many firearm regulations, it seems that the maintenance needed for keeping the many mandatory steps current  has been neglected as well.  Furthermore, the Washington D.C. handgun ownership regulations require you to put yourself in a situation that is extremely uncomfortable, especially for us women.  And I thought living in California was bad, as far as owning a gun is concerned. Emily, I want to wish you the best of luck; you’re going to need it.

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