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Popular, But More Demanding

Earlier in the month, I took my second trip to Iron Sights' indoor shooting range with my husband.  We rented the Glock 21 and the Springfield Armory XD.  Both are composite handguns chambered for .45 ACP.  As I stated in my post about my second time … [Read more...]

Gun Course Changes A Reporter’s Opinions

Edith Brady–Lunny  a reporter for reports on her experience as "the quintessential anti-gun nut”  who decided to take a shooting course. When I started working on a story about the controversial issue of concealed carry of weapons … [Read more...]

Third Time’s A Charm: Trouble with Triggers

My husband and I went to the indoor shooting range at Iron Sights for the third time this weekend, and shot three different 1911s.  We rented a SIG Sauer Nitron, a Kimber Eclipse Ultra II, and we brought along my husband's customized Springfield … [Read more...]

Teen Girl Foils Burglary Attempt

Christi Myers of  KTRK-TV, an ABC News affiliate in Huston TX. Re-reported a John DeLapp of the Galveston Daily News story on a teenage girl in Texas City who "was alone when a pair of intruders broke into her family's house, but she turned the … [Read more...]

My Handgun Malfunctioned: What Do I Do?

As with any machine that has moving parts, handguns do occasionally malfunction.  If handled calmly and correctly these malfunctions are fairly easy to resolve.  If you learn and practice these three handgun malfunction drills, shooting will be much … [Read more...]

M629 .44 Magnum Revolver: Beauty And The Beast?

You're probably wondering what prompted me to rent the monstrous M629 .44 magnum revolver. You know, that beastly thing from the Dirty Harry movies. You might be thinking, "Her husband probably put her up to that one."  But you couldn't be further … [Read more...]

My Second Handgun Shooting Adventure

My husband and I went to the indoor range at Iron Sights again this weekend.  We shot four handguns: the Smith & Wesson M629 .44 Magnum revolver (a.k.a. the "Dirty Harry" gun), the Glock 21 .45 semiautomatic, Springfield Armory XD .45 … [Read more...]

Want A Handgun In D.C.? Good Luck.

Emily Miller, the senior editor for the Washington Times, writes about her struggle to lawfully acquire a handgun in Washington D.C.  From an exorbitant amount of paperwork, being required to buy her gun and take private lessons out-of-state, to … [Read more...]

I’m At The Range, Now What? Advise For Novice Women Shooters

Beginning Women Shooters, Don't Go To The Range Without These Helpful Tips! When you walk into a shooting range you are confronted with a ton of sensory information. The hustle and bustle of people signing in, renting guns, and talking to one … [Read more...]

Things To Know Before You Go

In my last post I gave you a picture of what it felt like, at least for me, to go shooting for the first time.  But I didn't really tell you in detail what I learned.  Here are five important things to know BEFORE you head out for the shooting … [Read more...]