I Was Utterly Defenseless

It was an evening just like any other. My husband and I had put our son to bed and we were looking forward to some "together time" while we watched an episode of Star Trek. Suddenly we heard the crash of breaking glass and the wail of the security alarm. As I went for the phone, my husband went for his .45 automatic. We knew the drill. We had rehearsed it many times. But this time was different.
This time, a shot was fired...

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Choosing Your Lifeline: The Woman’s Guide to Home Defense Firearms

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Update :)

Hey ladies!  I'd like to apologize for my lack of activity on here these past few weeks. Some things in my personal life have popped up, hence the lag.  Between that and toddler rearing, time has been … [Read More...]

Practice Makes Perfect: A Word Of Encouragement

There are many concerns a novice woman shooter has when first learning to shoot a firearm. There's recoil, stance, grip, and trigger control.  And personally, I had a problem not jabbing myself with … [Read More...]

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Want A Handgun In D.C.? Good Luck.

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